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Welcome to the CRYSTAL CLEAR MINDSET Mini-Course!

Warm welcome to the CRYSTAL CLEAR MINDSET mini-course designed as an interactive tool to allow you to upgrade your mind and live your best life! This is an elite process to enhance your subconscious mind, so you can achieve your goals with clarity and supreme success one million times faster by activating your entire brain.  

Summit Transformation ™ is a scientifically proven process that helps you change your brain.  You can program yourself to think, feel, act, react and accomplish differently in a more positive manner.  You will growing new neurological pathways in your brain with your mind that change limiting beliefs into more beneficial beliefs and set action plans for your success. 

WE ALL deserve to live our best lives and embrace an empowered mindset.  You are so much more than your past experiences and this is your opportunity to choose how you would rather feel in regards to the programs that are no longer serving you!  

Congratulations for making it this far… and joining the mindset revolution!  

You should have a goal already determined to work on or create one right now.

Remember to make it short, meaningful, positive, impactful and in the present tense.  

Keeping it positive includes not using words like: don’t, can’t, won’t, not, couldn’t, shouldn’t and so on.  Instead turn it into a positive. 

Instead of saying- I don’t want to live in fear. Try something like- I easily embrace courage and strength in all that I do.  

If you have a negative emotion or experience… flip it to the opposite.  

Instead of anxiety, maybe you want to embrace peace or calmness.  

Examples are provided for each of the 12 aspects of The Cycle of Consciousness at the end of each chapter for more support. 

NOW that you have your positive goal statement or balance… it’s time to support your transformation.  

Have you statement nearby as you will be repeating it at the end of this exercise.  

Follow along with the video and be gently guided to ultimate happiness and prosperity of the mind.  

Gentle reminders for when the balance is complete to do an action item that supports this new belief.  An action item is something that you can accomplish in the next 24-48 hours that says I believe in this new belief so much that I am going to take action in my life to make it happen.  The science says this action has a similar effect as you would if you were to clear a path in a forest… in time the path would be grown back over & by cementing this path it can become sustainable forever.  You are going to great lengths to achieve your goals & by doing your action item you will be rewarded with a long term neural pathway that will continue to support you long term. 

You can continue to utilize this mini-course for all of your goals and objectives in an infinite resource for beneficial transformation.  There is also a full and more comprehensive online course available also called CRYSTAL CLEAR MINDSET that dives deeper into a variety of processes support you, if you are interested in taking your transformation to the next level.  This can be found on the MindsetService.com website.  

Note: This hidden link is not visible on the site without your specific link… you are part of the insider information and are able to access this mini-course anytime.  

Happy transformation and please feel free to reach out with questions or if you are interested in a private session or certification training in this process to teach others about the power and potential within them!  

Feedback is always appreciated in regards to your positive success and radical transformation:  info@mindsetservice.com

I am so proud of you and your new CRYSTAL CLEAR MINDSET! 

Sparkling regards, 
Crystal Lynn Privett 

Our Clients Success Stories!

Crystal is such a blessing to me and my entire family. She has a heart of gold and the skills and training to crush your old beliefs and reprogram you to be your optimal and evolving self with grace and ease. The tools that are being used are not known to the average person. If you are unsure about the process, I would say just try it! My success, family health, and business are off the charts! Love you Crystal!

Sabrina Covington / Realtor

My sessions with Crystal were absolutely LIFE CHANGING! I have been working on my mindset and turing into ‘the art of allowing’ for years, but the way Crystal speaks and teaches just made things click!  We found some deep rooted emotions and patterns that have been limiting and now I feel truly empowered and liberated to achieve all of my biggest goals in business!! Thank you, you powerful woman of light!

Becca Hammond / 1st Talent Manager

The most important invest you can make in life is in yourself We have all of the answers inside of us, but we don’t always know how to connect with them. Crystal will help you realize your deepest desires and help you connect wth your truth from a place of love and joy, and this will help you get the most value out of your life.

Kenny A. / Grammy Award Winner