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The Cycle of Consciousness

Tune into your current state of emotions, download this insightful resource for awareness & well-being tracking.
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Crystal Clear Mindset

Elevate your life to be better than you ever imagined. A complete Crystal Clear video series launching soon!

It takes a new perspective to create a new life.  Let us begin the journey with ourselves and end it in togetherness! Crystal offers VIP retreats & services, private and group sessions, certification courses, business training and keynote speaking. Scroll down to book Crystal’s services.  Her variety of services is customized to meet your unique needs, so you can find the perfect fit to suit your growth process.

At Mindset Service, our philosophy of care means that it is important to hold a space for healing that is free from judgment.  Utilizing a science-based process that allows individuals to identify what is holding them back and upgrade those mental programs to more positive ones with their own words. Being able to have a process that grows your brain for success is the forefront of innovation, so you can stay ahead of your professional goals and find deep support and happiness on a personal level.

What to expect on your first visit is a relaxing and rejuvenating transformation.

You will feel a deep ease as Crystal opens with learning a little bit about you and what areas of life you are looking to attain balance. After a brief overview of the process of Summit Transformation ™️, which allows you to update your brain, which changes the printout of your life on a cellular level, you will dive into converting the blocked emotions by building a new neurological pathway in your brain to sustain your new goal.  If you have always felt anxiety your whole life… there may not actually be a place in your mind for that belief to exist.  We then build a mural pathway and a space for how you would rather feel: like calm, balanced or peaceful. This feels a bit like a guided meditation, but Crystal utilizes your unique individual energy to guide you each step of the way through kinesiology.  You are the one doing the work and deciding what you want in your life with the power of your own words, she just facilitates the process for you in a compassionate manner.  I’m time you will be able to support yourself with these tools, as she is in the business of teaching people how to make mental fishing poles… instead of handing out fish.  Meaning this sustainable process will become a positive part of how you operate for a lifetime.  

Crystal recently created an innovative online course, Crystal Clear Mindset, to help others identify what mental programs are holding them back, by gaining insight into twelve fundamental aspects of consciousness that balance your life.  If you would like to create infinite abundance in the dozen of critical aspects of life then this is the program for you! Improve how you operate in regards to personal passion, your career, education, environment, service, social life, physical activity, relationships, health, spirituality, finances, and pleasure. This comprehensive program can track and monitor your overall well-being, as you grow, so you can monitor the radical progress as you upgrade your life.  

Crystal is making an impact in her community and would also like to make an impact on your life. Who wouldn’t want to upgrade their operating system to be fueled by a more infinite well of potential?  The great news is you already have all the answers to everything you need in life, and Crystal will gently facilitate a process that guides you into alignment.  


Our Clients Success Stories!

Crystal is such a blessing to me and my entire family. She has a heart of gold and the skills and training to crush your old beliefs and reprogram you to be your optimal and evolving self with grace and ease. The tools that are being used are not known to the average person. If you are unsure about the process, I would say just try it! My success, family health, and business are off the charts! Love you Crystal!

Sabrina Covington / Realtor

My sessions with Crystal were absolutely LIFE CHANGING! I have been working on my mindset and turing into ‘the art of allowing’ for years, but the way Crystal speaks and teaches just made things click!  We found some deep rooted emotions and patterns that have been limiting and now I feel truly empowered and liberated to achieve all of my biggest goals in business!! Thank you, you powerful woman of light!

Becca Hammond / 1st Talent Manager

The most important invest you can make in life is in yourself We have all of the answers inside of us, but we don’t always know how to connect with them. Crystal will help you realize your deepest desires and help you connect wth your truth from a place of love and joy, and this will help you get the most value out of your life.

Kenny A. / Grammy Award Winner