The Cycle of Consciousness

This tool will spark awareness to achieving balance amongst twelve critical aspects of life, so you can identify areas of potential growth and upgrading them for ultimate prosperity.  

Teaching others to liberate their soul with their mind is enthralling, and this tool allows you to gain radical insight into the delicate balance of life. Are you content with how your life is operating in regards to your passion, career, education, environment, service, social life, physical activity, relationships, health, spirituality, finances, and pleasure? Or are you ready for an mental update? A plethora of positive potential and possibly is at your fingertips.

Should you choose to support yourself with this robust online program. Learn how the conscious and subconscious mind works. Discover why we are the way we are. Why you want your subconscious in line with your conscious mind. How we muscle test to get answers from your system. Creating goal statements and examples. How to synchronize the brain. The science behind the process of Summit Transformation ™️. How to transform subconscious beliefs. How to confirm it worked. Setting action plans.

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The subconscious is the component of our minds that makes decisions without requiring us to actively think about them, it influences every moment of our lives. This differs from the conscious mind, which incorporates the thoughts we know we are having. The unconscious mind also holds past events and experiences that we don’t even remember.

Understanding how to play an instrument is an example of how the subconscious operates. You must think about interpreting the music to create each note. As you practice, you find you can play any song. The subconscious mind goes further than learning new skills, because it is engaged in information processing that impacts what we think, say, and do. Retaining our beliefs and emotions, regulates our memories, and reinterprets the information all around us. Ultimately selecting what to send to the conscious mind and what to departmentalize for later.

Restrictive attitudes hold us back from our purpose in life. They can be created by past results, negative experiences, or an imperfect vision of the future. When you confront and challenge their truthfulness, you can replace them with energizing attitudes to live by.

So, what does this update look like? It could be changing from, “My parents were divorced, so it’s in my upbringing not to have happy relationships.” To the more empowered way the thinking like; “I am worthy of a joyful relationship with someone I love and who loves me in return.” Change your self-talk and you change the consciousness of your life experience. 

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions. 
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits for they become character. 
Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.

We can focus on changing our actions and reactions to our life experiences in an innovative and proven manner. When we adopt this concept, we take back our ability to shape our reality and reprogram our minds. When we focus on choosing to trust ourselves, giving without worrying about what we’re getting in return, and living consciously, we can discover the joy in our life’s journey.

Consciously choosing gratitude and appreciation over criticism and doubt, empowers you to spotlight the good things in your life. Rewiring your brain to take in more of what you want and less of what you don’t. This attitude allows you to be curious about the events in your life as you no longer view them with apprehension. When you embrace positive conscious change and let it in, appreciating life becomes your life.

Fearful information from daily news, toxic people, and negative social media can drastically influence your subconscious mind without you being aware of it. Reprogramming your brain for success involves reacting differently and without the emotional attachment to negative experience, which feels so empowering.  Understanding how the subconscious mind is continually attracting information from outside sources and using that information to form beliefs that shape how you think and behave.

As you begin to focus on reprograming your mind, remember that your present moment holds power. Be aware of yourself and the positive, supportive people that are around you. Discover books, videos, and music that lift you up and inspire you. Soon you will start to feel more positive and encouraged noticing that negative thoughts do not bother you as much.

Subconscious mind programming by its very definition seems like a complicated business, especially because you can’t always tell what the subconscious is thinking. Your subconscious mind has recorded every single thing you have ever seen and heard and it is playing constantly in the background of your mind. This is how we can remember something from very long ago just by seeing a photo and the memory is brought back instantly. You must be aware of your subconscious mind to reprogram it. There are telltale ways when you will realize that you are breaking free from generational trauma and negative manifestation loops with efforts to reprogram your mind are in fact working, as you monitor your progress with The Cycle of Consciousness tool.  Your growth will be abundantly obvious with this resource for tracking your positive transformation and things start to radically improve in your life.  

You become more self-aware. You notice that you are getting better at stopping negative self-narrative and better at controlling your emotions. You are now able to shift your focus at will. These are all positive signs of self-awareness.

Your comfort zone expands, and you find yourself taking more risks. Everyone has unique risk tolerances, but restrictive beliefs cause us not to take any risks at all. When you reprogram your mind, you’ll increase your confidence and be ready to step out of your old comfort zone.

Everything you frequently think about and focus upon you move toward and it becomes second nature. Reprogramming your mind to think more positively in turn will bring more positive things into your life.

Our Clients Success Stories!

Crystal is such a blessing to me and my entire family. She has a heart of gold and the skills and training to crush your old beliefs and reprogram you to be your optimal and evolving self with grace and ease. The tools that are being used are not known to the average person. If you are unsure about the process, I would say just try it! My success, family health, and business are off the charts! Love you Crystal!

Sabrina Covington / Realtor

My sessions with Crystal were absolutely LIFE CHANGING! I have been working on my mindset and turing into ‘the art of allowing’ for years, but the way Crystal speaks and teaches just made things click!  We found some deep rooted emotions and patterns that have been limiting and now I feel truly empowered and liberated to achieve all of my biggest goals in business!! Thank you, you powerful woman of light!

Becca Hammond / 1st Talent Manager

The most important invest you can make in life is in yourself We have all of the answers inside of us, but we don’t always know how to connect with them. Crystal will help you realize your deepest desires and help you connect wth your truth from a place of love and joy, and this will help you get the most value out of your life.

Kenny A. / Grammy Award Winner